Yes exactly, maybe not.

by One Leg Mary

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Alkis Livathinos
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Alkis Livathinos One of the most interesting greek bands around at the moment - a blend between math and post and pop and noise. Playing serious grooves without taking themselves too seriously. Stellar performance and musicianship and a "fuckit" attitude somewhere in between. Favorite track: CHUGA.
Lorenzo Bartoli
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Lorenzo Bartoli I June of 44
misti ai Don Ca
con un intervento a camba tesa degli Slint.

Un must. Favorite track: 2Spyrow.
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All music and lyrics written by One Leg Mary.

Recorded live @ Billi's basement Aug-Sept 2011
Mixed @ Unreal Studioz April 2012,
Mastered @ Sweetspot by John Chistodoulatos,

Supported by Spinalonga Records

Artwork by


released July 7, 2012



all rights reserved


One Leg Mary Greece

One Leg Mary is a balance between sweet melodies and edgy instrumentals. Following the thread from the 80-90’s alternative/post-hardcore American scene, up to the latest indie-rock acts, the band finds its own voice.

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Track Name: CHUGA
i saw a writting on the wall
yersteday that said
"leave us build our houses out of mere hope alone"
"we're gonna build our hope out of will"
"and we're gonna feed our will on steroids"
my friend's face got all pale
and felt like an outsider for not being a part
of it
then we walked back home
hollow by our negative nature

watch as he commits to the writting now
he commits to his instict now
firing back at my fear and anxiety
i commit to my instict now
Track Name: 2Spyrow
raveling old binds
threat to change you back to your old kind
unless you're through
scrathcing wounded thoughts of heaven
if we're all alike
wouldn't you say we shall do as one
and let it die?
aiming for the sun we'll waste our time

Mike and Sara Bell
wrote a story inside of a well
of wounded men
freedom,colour,youth and stolen cheese
when Mikey said
"i don't wanna be forgotten"
Sara held his head
then they killed themselfes for refference

maybe soul is just a prey
on a pile of fallen leaves
maybe i should strech my hand
maybe i should leave it be
you should pick another day
to go searching for a dime
in a pile of fallen leaves
hearts are always running wild
Track Name: A Big Win For Boredom
Wake up call in the morning
had a great kick
in my grey ass
for a ride,for a ride
And a big win for boredom
dog is lying
on the carpet
hairy day,rainy day

For a big cane there's a big man
with a stubborn
ignorant pain
on his wrist,on his wrist
For a big cup in the morning
there's a big mouth
talking big,loud
calling out,calling out

he waits
until now he does
and what did he find?
there's nothing to be found
Track Name: Speit Gazolin
i want you to hold me but
you don't wanna hold me dead
better in the coffin since
you don't want us anywhere

i'm not much of something but
this is nothing anyway
set it on "instructions"
embrace your spitting realism

pray for hard porn
leave us hanging on
Track Name: Outfit
i'm sewing a lifetime
worth so much more than just paper
we love it we wear it
but we can't handle this outfit
and you nevermind it
cause you're not fitting inside here
i've made it out of feather
and you're not fitting inside of me

now you think yourselfs as makers
now you think yourselfs as kings
still i've got my super outfit
still there's so much more to give
Track Name: Kshshsh
a minefield got in
a minefield got insecure
and blew it's mother down

and i got my hands
and i got my lovers hands
decorated with broken nails

this is for you

and i cut my face
and i let the knife
strengthen and seal
my human being

cut your face
feel the end of the knife
crossing the skin
i mean
use your head
get yourself
out of the frame

i get to choose